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IPA 12/60 program hosts first IPA Twitter Chat!

June 4 twitter chat graphicOn June 3, 2015, IPA’s 12/60 program used an exciting interactive communications tool to chat about the topic of social media. IPA’s social media chair, Louise Eliason, CEO of Eliason Associates, a public relations and multimedia consultancy, launched our first PRSA IPA Twitter Chat, “Social Media for Business” #IPAPRSA.  Joining her as guest contributors in IPA’s Twitter chat were

PRSA Counselors Academy’s chair-elect,  Martin Waxman, APR, president of a consultancy, Martin Waxman Communications, and Nicole Henderson, PRSA Corporate Communications section executive committee, member-at-large, and owner of Selsi Enterprises.


Then amazing things happened. As the program topic and chat unfolded as planned, section members and staff eagerly contributed their knowledge and administrative support, respectively. IPA’s guest contributors collectively answered questions about Social Media in Business – all on Twitter at lightning speed! Those who led, joined in or even watched from the sidelines met and learned from some of the most experienced and innovative social media practitioners in PRSA’s sections, as they and their followers contributed to IPA’s lively Twitter Chat, Social Media in Business!


It was fun! It was interactive! It was FAST! The program hour sure Flew by for those of us who Tweeted, engaged or followed fellow PRSA Indies, section leaders and power-Tweeters.

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