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Okay all you independent public relations practitioners, it’s time to commit!

With the launch of ipa.prsa.org we have the new-fangled ability to stay in touch using RSS technology. I know, many of you are wondering, what is RSS and what does it stand for? Do a Google search and many, many explanatory links will magically appear (isn’t Google great?).

Hopefully most of us are educated when it comes to RSS and Web 2.0 terminology since we counsel our clients on the like.

PRSA Section Survey

PRSA recently surveyed all of its national Sections to confirm what we already know: the Independent Practitioners Alliance is the best!

We do not have the largest number of members or the largest budget compared to the other 16 PRSA sections, but our members report receiving the highest value from their section membership. Nearly 80% of respondents said that IPA is extremely or somewhat valuable.

Our online discussion forum stood out as a favorite membership benefit that allows for networking and exchange of information relevant to our businesses and profession. (Need to access the e-group?)

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Sharing electronic files with indys

During this month’s IPA Executive Committee teleconference we discussed building an online resource for independent public relations practitioners.

It was determined we’d make a call for contributions and begin posting resources for those who are interested.

The online document resource center for independents will be included in this blog as part of the ‘Resources’ category.

We’re asking all IPA members for input and documents — contracts, time management forms, activity reports, proposals, estimates, fax cover pages, memos, talent release forms, etc.

We’re interested in anything that’s used in your business that you’re willing to share with other independent public relations practitioners.

Entrepreneur help for independent public relations practitioners

Those of us who operate as independent public relations practitioners, or indys, can appreciate receiving advice on how to run a business.

We may be very skilled at public relations, but somewhat lacking when it comes to traits of entrepreneurs.

I recently was introduced to an online tool billed as being ‘by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.’ It’s called StartupNation. I highly recommend it.

To read what StartupNation has to say about the public relations industry, click here.