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Social Media as a Tool for Professional and Business Development

I first dipped my toes into the social media waters a few years ago, with the idea that I needed to stay abreast of how they affected public relations. If clients were to ask about incorporating social networking into their marketing efforts, I wanted to have a foundation of information and insight so I could answer any basic questions.   There’s a balance between being a know-it-all and answering questions like Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes,  whose famous phrase was “I Know Nothing.”  I didn’t want to transform into a social media consultant, but I do want to be viewed as a PR professional with a solid understanding of the tools, the technology and the trends that impact my clients.   Just like with other aspects of my consulting business, I knew I could outsource to a specialist if necessary.

Social Media Categories/Descriptions

I recently gave a “Social Media Made Easy” presentation to the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in Phoenix. As a handout for the participants, I compiled this list of popular social media sites, categorized by best uses, which might be of help or interest to PR indies or your clients. (The descriptive blurbs next to the site names are direct quotes from the Web- or Wikipedia-site addresses noted.)

Feel free to add other social media sites you use successfully in a comment below.

– Ann Videan


Social Media

Compiled June 2010
by Ann N. Videan, APR (videanunlimited.com)