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March IPA Program! Get Your Marketing Unstuck and Into Action featuring Robert Middleton

Robert often says, “It’s not marketing that’s stressful…

   …it’s your thoughts about marketing that are stressful.”  

Join us Wednesday, March 30, 2016 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific

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As much as independent professionals (of all kinds) want to grow their businesses, they frequently face what seem to be insurmountable challenges to effectively marketing their services and attracting more of their ideal clients.

But these challenges are, more often are not, internal not external.
The challenge to create a powerful marketing message, develop an attention-getting website or launch an effective marketing campaign are already established practices with years of proven strategies and techniques readily available in books, articles, online, and through courses and workshops.

The solution is to simply learn and implement those marketing approaches to one’s business.

But even if you could outsource some of your marketing activities such as building a website and writing articles, much you still need to do yourself, such as networking, giving presentations, following up, engaging in selling conversations and preparing proposals.

The question is why so many independent professionals tend to avoid these absolutely essential business-building activities.

The challenge is more in the mind of the independent professional who is often intimidated by marketing.

After all, most of us don’t go into business to spend time marketing ourselves. So marketing can feel like a necessary evil. And it’s also resisted because of many false beliefs such as: “marketing is manipulation, people won’t be interested anyway, and if I talk about my services I’ll sound like a salesperson.”

This is being stuck in one’s marketing. It’s not an external stuckness with the nuts and bolts of marketing, but an internal stuckness and identification with fearful beliefs about marketing.

So, what can an independent professional do to get their marketing unstuck?

In this teleclass Robert will explore a number of approaches to getting one’s marketing unstuck.

You’ll understand exactly why your marketing is stuck and how this triggers stress

  • How to identify underlying beliefs that hold your marketing back
  • Patterns of language (that we’re not aware of) that only increase stuckness
  • Myths about marketing that tend to increase fear and avoidance of marketing
  • Why expecting that your marketing should be easy only makes things worse
  • A powerful cognitive process that can get your marketing unstuck in minutes

Attend this teleclass if you are ready to get your marketing unstuck and into action.

Robert Middleton has been helping self-employed professionals with their marketing for over 30 years. The owner of Action Plan Marketing, Robert has worked with thousands of people through individual consulting, workshops, seminars and online programs. In 2000 Robert wrote the online bestseller, The InfoGuru Marketing Manual, and has been sending out his weekly More Clients eZine since 1997 to thousands of subscribers internationally. Robert works from his home in Boulder Creek, CA and since he lives in a redwood forest at the top of a mountain, he works virtually with clients and groups from around the world. Being a “product of his product,” Robert does one promotion of his services at the end of the year and completely books up his schedule with clients and group programs for the next year.
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