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Extra service helps retain clients in tough economy

By Nicole V. Candler, APR, Nic Creative Public Relations

Always under promise and over deliver.

While I wish I could attribute this perspective to a seasoned mentor, it’s simply fortune cookie advice I received after a recent client lunch. Nonetheless, the lesson of under promising and over delivering is a good business tip.

That lesson applies more today, during a challenging economy when independent consultants are on edge, trying to gain clients where they can and still nuture relationships with those among their current roster.

Consider Adding Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies To Your PR Mix

***In these challenging days of fluxing media relations and exploding social media options, WOMM helps cuts through the clutter.***

I’ve been a PR consultant in various forms (corporate, agency, independent) for 28 years. During the first couple of decades, I remained busy managing media relations, special events, employee communication, collateral writing, and myriad other communication for my companies and clients. But, during all those years, I kept thinking, “There has to be something that cuts through all the marketing confusion out there and brings my company’s or client’s messages right home to a prospect.” In 2003, I “discovered” that something. Good ol’ word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM).