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Upcoming Discount Announcements

Throughout June, IPA will be announcing the details of new partnerships with DigiClips, Critical Mention, eNR, Press Kits 24/7, and Vocus. IPA members will have access to exclusive discounts on services for news monitoring, news distribution, contact management, and much more.

All IPA members will receive e-mails with detailed information about the individual discount programs, dates of product demonstrations, and other important deadlines. Also look for a new IPA Web page that will provide comprehensive information on the companies and discounted services available.

The influence of text messaging

This morning on my drive to work I received a text message from a neighbor about a speed trap near our subdivision. I was already past the area and somehow managed to escape getting a ticket, probably because I left extra early today.

But the thought occurred to me: this is the first time I’ve been warned about potential negative consequences by a text message.

How many of us find text messaging creeping into our daily lives, including client activities? Have you ever sent a text message to a reporter?