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January’s Teleseminar Now Available On Demand! How to work your business and not allow it to work you.

January’s Teleseminar Now Available On Demand!    How to work your business and not allow it to work you.

Independent Practitioners often get caught up with “urgent” issues that arise and lose sight of what’s truly important to maintain and grow their business. Carrie Wilkerson, the barefoot executive, helped our IPA members put it all in perspective at our first 12/60 Webinar of 2016, titledMaximize Your Profit and Productivity While Keeping Your Priorities Intact.”

January’s IPA 12/60! “Maximize Your Profit & Productivity While Keeping Your Priorities Intact”

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Wednesday January 27, 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific

As practitioners and service providers, we sometimes get lost in the urgent, without ever attending to the important.  As we start this New Year, let’s resolve to stop the cycle of putting out fires instead of growing intentionally and meaningful (for ourselves AND our clients!).  This month’s program will show you how to:

  • Discover how to determine your primary and secondary motives in your practice.
  • Develop a strategy for knowing what to work on first then next based on those motives.

NOW ON DEMAND: Part 2: Letting Go in Order to Grow: Growing Your Business by Outsourcing

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Bob Schiers, Founder & President, RAS Associates, LLC

Michelle Olson, APR, General Manager, Fingerpaint

Documents Shared by our Panelists (on the IPA website):

  • Code of Conduct_USPR (Bob Schiers)
  • Freelance Agreement (From Michelle)

Last month we held Part 1 of the Letting Grow In Order To Grow series which focused on growing your agency into a practice with employees. This month we focused on outsourcing or using subcontractors.  I urge you to listen to the whole program, but I’ll give you a few highlights here.

The benefits of outsourcing:  time savings for you, growth opportunity for your business:

Letting Go in Order to Grow: Growing Your Practice Into An Agency

A recording of this teleseminar is available here.

This Sept. 30, 2015, IPA 12/60 teleseminar, offered in partnership with the Counselor’s Academy, featured three panelists who have grown their public relations practice from a one-person shop to full agencies, and a fourth who offers executive coaching to public relations and communications leaders, and provides consulting and training to agencies.

Participants learned through the experiences, including the growing pains and best practices, shared by panelists:

Two senior practitioners share tips: “Getting Paid: The Fine Art of Billing and Collection”

A recording of this teleseminar is available here.

Industry veterans James Tabaczynski, president of the JPT Group Inc., and Martin Habalewsky, APR, consultant, shared useful tips and insights about billing and collecting fees when working as an independent practitioner.

Both PRSA members, Jim has over 40 years industry experience; 25 as an independent practitioner, and Marty has over 20 years serving in top executive roles on both the agency and client sides.

Listeners participating in the August 12/60 Teleseminar learned about the pros and cons of billing by the hour, project or retainer, methods of tracking time, rates, how to bill for travel time, and schedules of payment.