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Independent Practitioners: A Special Breed of Public Relations Professionals


Submitted by Nathan Hokama, IPA Past President 2014

Launching any business is a big challenge.  It may be even more difficult if that business involves selling professional services. It’s simply not the same as selling tangible products. Independent public relations practitioners are a special breed who face even greater obstacles.  We must not only sell intangible services, but also explain what the public relations function entails. We may find ourselves having to respond to two questions.  First, there is the perennial question that’s all too familiar: “What exactly is public relations?”  This may be followed by a new question:  “You mean, you get paid to do that?!”

January 12/60 a popular topic! Am I ready to hang up my own PR shingle? Eight questions to ask before going solo.


Submitted by: Amber Shulman, APR – Candid Virgo Communications

The Public Relations Society of America’s Independent Practitioner’s Alliance (IPA) held its first Indie 12/60 teleseminar series with a discussion about starting a business as an independent practitioner. The event featured three panelists, each at a different stage in their independent practice.

Panel members:

J.W. Arnold, principal of PRDC. For 16 years J.W. has worked as independent practitioner in Washington, DC, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He has mentored many professionals as they transitioned to a solo practice. He currently serves as the IPA executive committee’s membership chair.