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Hoodwinked by LinkedIn?

Thought his might be of interest to fellow IPA indies whose clients, like mine, show reluctance about using social media like LinkedIn. (Cross-post from my BizTribe blog.)

Clients often ask, “Is it really worth my time to use LinkedIn?”I  say yes! To create success, part of your marketing plan should include tactics to connect you with like-minded customers, vendors or associates. Use it if you’re looking for any of the following results in your business:

  1. Networking time savings. Think about it. What’s your best use of time? Attending a two-hour association luncheon where you never know who you’ll meet? Or, two hours on LinkedIn where you search out exactly the type of people with whom you choose to rub elbows?
  2. Fast connections. There’s no better place to find or widen your network with people in your industry or those with common interests. People you knew in a former business life, or brand new contacts, are all just a click or two away.
  3. Testimonials. The “Recommend this person” link allows you to share why your favorite contacts are top-notch, and your own peeps may add testimonials about  you.
  4. Participating in groups. LinkedIn members align in myriad groups which offer discussions, events, new contacts, and more. A simple search for groups of interest will connect with you with some great folk. I run a group for each of my three business tribes on LinkedIn: azICCT (indie communicators), ALWAYS (writers), and SWOMT (word-of-mouth enthusiasts). I especially like LinkedIn’s “directory” of  members, so the tribe members and potential customers can connect with anyone in my tribes.
  5. Dialog. LinkedIn offers many different ways to converse with your contacts. You may — using some of the site’s top-of-page navigation links –  ask questions and receive “Answers” from your connections, participate in “Group” discussions, find “Jobs,” discover “Events,” and generally kept abreast of what’s happening in your network.

Don’t let anyone hoodwink you into thinking LinkedIn is just another tech craze. Use it to your advantage in strengthening your network.

— Ann N. Videan, APR, videanunlimited.com

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2 Responses to “Hoodwinked by LinkedIn?”

  1. Kristie Aylett, APR Says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing it here. I find LinkedIn is the easiest site for social networking newcomers since its work-related purpose is so clear. I’ve used the site on several occasions, including searching for practitioners in other markets, forwarding profiles from a job-seeking connection to another that has an opening in their organization, and suggesting potential clients visit my profile to read my recommendations.

    It’s important to have a complete profile, with a flattering picture, summary, experience, groups, awards and connections. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to appear in search results in someone’s 2nd or 3rd degree network. Potential clients may not be looking for YOU by name. If they search for someone LIKE YOU, will they find you or one of your competitors? Something to think about.

  2. Mike Helton Says:

    I’ve been real hesitant at joining Linkedin. I always label it just another social site.

    I guess I’ll have to look at it closer to see how I can benefit from using it.


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