It’s been a couple of years since anyone blogged here and there’s a good reason for that!  The IPA Blog of PRSA’s Independent Practitioner’s Alliance has a new home on a brand new site launched in 2018 by PRSA national.  If you’re not a member, after you read about all the cool benefits you’ll want to be!  The PRSA Independent Practitioner’s Alliance section has enjoyed a growth rate of 44% over the past 2 years and that’s due to the efforts of our tireless executive committee volunteers who continue to bring important and timely information to our members that help us grow and thrive!  Let me just touch upon some of the benefits here and encourage you to join us!

May IPA 12/60 Now Available On Demand! Get to Their Hearts Through Their Mind’s Eye: Leveraging Effective Storytelling For Maximum Impact

A recording of this teleseminar is available here.

Storytelling is the essence of being human. That’s according to international security consultant and retired police Capt. Joseph Robinson. As humans, we think using images which can be evoked with words.

He uses Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech as an example, as well as the photo of Kim Phuc, the 9-year-old Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack during the Vietnam War. That image, taken on June 8, 1972, by AP Photographer Nick Ut, prompted worldwide conversation and forced change.

March IPA 12/60 Now Available On Demand! “Get Your Marketing Unstuck and Into Action”

A recording of this teleseminar is available here.

According to presenter Robert Middleton, there are two types of “stuckness” that can keep you from marketing your business:  1.) logistical “stuckness”, when you don’t know the “how to”; and 2.) cognitive “stuckness”, when you know the “how to” but resist taking action.

Through his company, Action Plan Marketing, Robert has worked with thousands of people through individual consulting, workshops, seminars and online programs. He noticed, however, that after coaching clients and equipping them with the same information, some would take action and others would not.

March IPA Program! Get Your Marketing Unstuck and Into Action featuring Robert Middleton

Robert often says, “It’s not marketing that’s stressful…

   …it’s your thoughts about marketing that are stressful.”  

Join us Wednesday, March 30, 2016 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific

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As much as independent professionals (of all kinds) want to grow their businesses, they frequently face what seem to be insurmountable challenges to effectively marketing their services and attracting more of their ideal clients.

But these challenges are, more often are not, internal not external.
The challenge to create a powerful marketing message, develop an attention-getting website or launch an effective marketing campaign are already established practices with years of proven strategies and techniques readily available in books, articles, online, and through courses and workshops.

So You Want To Teach?


Andrew “Andy” McGowan, president and founder, Watkins McGowan, LLC; Maria Russell, APR, Fellow PRSA, professor, public relations; director, Executive Education Programs, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

In February’s 12/60, Andy McGowan and Maria Russell walked us through the pros and cons of moving from daily Public Relations practice in an agency, corporation or non-profit organization to teaching. “It’s enjoyable but a lot of work,” said McGowan. “Schools are looking for good professors today,” continued Russell. They spoke of the many opportunities for professionals today beyond Introduction to Public Relations like teaching specialized adjunct classes in writing, digital media, employee engagement and industrial relations. You can also see if teaching is a fit for you by volunteering as a guest lecturer at your local state university or college. This 12/60 was packed with a wealth of information and other areas explored included how to get a job teaching, what to expect/anticipate and the salary. To hear this webinar simply  CLICK HERE and scroll all the way down.